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Have You Been Noticing These 3 Things Lately?

July 26, 2021

Stop holding your breath & remember to breathe

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I'm Heidi — life and enneagram coach. I'm here to help you make meaningful shifts in your life so you can be wholeheartedly you.

Meet Heidi

The text popped up with a chime sound. “I did it. Just like you suggested. Every night before bed, I wrote one thing that brought me joy, hope or laughter that day. Now I’m noticing so much around me. Sometimes, I write a whole list… and this is in the midst of some really difficult days.” 

It was true. 

She was facing seemingly insurmountable challenges 

and facing loss on many levels. 

There wasn’t a denial of reality 

or attempt to diminish the difficulties. 

Simply attention given to noticing the little pieces of life 

bringing joy, hope, or laughter.

A keen awareness shifts our attention and helps us notice in ways that can change our lives.

With the coronavirus changing so many aspects of our lives,

we are surrounded by reasons to be fearful, frustrated, sad, 

even disappointed, angry, or numb.

I’ve experienced many emotions

and navigated thoughts I wish would go away.

Practicing what I share with others has been helpful:

Every day, I begin the day by asking, 

“What is the invitation?”

And I close the day by answering,

“What brought me joy, hope, or laughter today?”

And always, even in the dark moments,

something comes forward.

It’s not forced.

It’s honest and real…

and sometimes raw.

This noticing is profoundly changing my perspective during these days of coronavirus and beyond. 

Yes, I will continue this focus way past our stay-at-home orders.

So… Join Me! 100 Days of Noticing

Will you join me? 

Let’s commit to 100 days of noticing.

Each day note what brought you joy, hope, or laughter.

What brought you joy, hope, or laughter today?

Join me here to share your noticings.

Add to the thread each week.

Post a picture, comment, inspiration!

And don’t forget to use the hashtags:

#100daysofnoticing #joyhopelaughter

Invite friends to join!

Share this post. Let’s spread the word!

Your nugget of joy, hope, or laughter may truly make the difference in someone else’s life.

So open your journal, 

begin a new page of notes on your phone, 

keep a blank sheet of paper on your kitchen counter, 

write with eyeliner or lipstick on your bathroom mirror. 

Do whatever it takes to be keenly aware. 

Notice what brings you joy, hope, or laughter over the next 100 days. 

Join me by using these hashtags: #100daysofnoticing #joyhopelaughter

Here’s to you! Here’s to us!

We can do this together.



Growth Muse

Life & Enneagram Coach

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