A universal symbol of human purpose and possibility. 

The Enneagram

What really motivates you?

Great question! The Enneagram is an ancient personality typing system. It provides greater understanding of self and personal development.

In Greek, ennea means nine and gram means diagram. Thus, the Enneagram is a symbol developed around nine points or types.

With accuracy and remarkable depth, this resource offers profound insights for greater awareness and growth. Many assessments describe behavior or WHAT you do. The Enneagram helps us understand the WHY — our core motivations.

I am committed to holding space for you on the journey of insights, greater awareness, and profound growth. What I want for you — deep love and appreciation, self-respect and hope as you navigate life.

This is your time to appreciate YOU and step into living wholeheartedly.

The Enneagram is a unique system developed around nine ways we show up in this world

What's the Enneagram?

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Whether you’ve heard a lot about the Enneagram or have many questions, let’s discover your type and what that means for your transformation and growth. I’ll work with you so you can identify your type and gain greater understanding of yourself and others. We can explore ways you can be who you were meant to be before the world told you to be someone else.


discover  your type

Identify your type

Explore your type’s core motivations and fears

Understand how you respond in stress and security

Discover messaging that no longer serves you

Nurture areas of growth

Inspire transformation

The Enneagram is full of wisdom if you want to get out of your own way and become who you were created to be. 

How can Enneagram Coaching help me?


"Our coaching sessions have allowed me to progress leaps and bounds towards the person I've always wanted to become — all in the midst of an immensely tumultuous year — and I couldn't have done it without you!”

"I left each conversation with newly learned tools, techniques, and action items to help me overcome obstacles"

I found while going through coaching with [Heidi] over the course of what turned into a change-laden year, [she] provided a sense of regularity, tranquillity and accountability.

"Heidi gives me the space to share my deepest concerns or blockages in my life at the moment, without judgment or criticism."

Heidi listens with so much compassion; she also has this beautiful way of helping you see the positive in yourself and bring that to the surface. She’s genuine and brings lightness to every interaction.

"Heidi makes things tangible and focuses on goals that feel incremental and realistic..."