I was living life frustrated and stuck on a treadmill without knowing how to get off.

Sound familiar? The obstacles feel overwhelming,  and it feels impossible to see how these obstacles could actually turn into guiding opportunities. I was living as a recipient of life’s circumstances, people’s expectations, and beliefs that were (seriously!) holding me back. Until I decided to finally make a change and take charge.

I'm Heidi — a life & enneagram coach, mid-life mama of four amazing young adults and three doodles.

I believe in living wholeheartedly even with the hard pieces of life. And I think it's possible to unveil an entire kaleidoscope of opportunities (and challenges) if we welcome them in!

I’ll back up a decade ago when I was unhappy (okay, miserable), depleted of energy, dealing with issues around health and well-being, and stuffing my goals, visions, dreams, and passions. 

I was living as a recipient of life's circumstances, people's expectations, and beliefs that were (seriously) holding me back. As an empath and Enneagram 4, I knew something had to change, but I didn't know what or how

After intentional work around these struggles, I started learning more about myself through the Enneagram, taking responsibility for my responses to circumstances,
tapping into vulnerability and courage, and staying open and honest. The difficulties and disappointments didn't disappear but I changed.

My journey reveals remarkable lessons in what happens when we let fear and overwhelm hold us back. It’s a bumpy path to navigate

From teaching and advocacy to coaching souls like you

One hesitant step
at a time, I made empowering shifts
in my life. 

As I took each step,
I began... 

Recognizing and releasing limiting beliefs 

Shushing the should’s and should not’s 

Realizing fear was not the F-word… fine was

Living with renewed purpose and much greater understanding of self and others through the lens of the Enneagram

Cultivating a wholehearted community for connection, growth, and transformation

Realizing I could say YES and NO with integrity

Investing in myself, my coaching practice, and our family’s future 

Aligning my goals, vision, and values with my words, thoughts, and actions

It is an ongoing journey. I keep taking bold steps and making inspired decisions. Sometimes this looks like hesitant steps; other times it resembles a courageous leap. But, each time, it is the next right thing for me.

I’m trusting the process and my intuition, even when I feel vulnerable or need to tap into courage I didn’t know existed just a few years ago.

doing what lights me up and makes me excited when my alarm sings at 5:30 each morning.

And most importantly, living WHOLEHEARTEDLY

(tree top) be wholeheartedly you

(sturdy trunk) grow by letting go of limiting beliefs, shushing the should’s, and doing the next right thing (you know what it is!)

(roots) take time for greater understanding of self and others – Enneagram

This wholehearted journey is for you. one step at a time. I hope you will remember this:

Fast facts. . .

enneagram type


happy clients


doodle dogs as working buddies


coaching/training certifications


Some of my favorites

Okay, it’s true. I love an evening with something great to watch. From rom com’s to documentaries, captivating series, and simple stories of people, I’m onboard!

Netflix evenings

Fruit, vegetables, nuts, cheese, crackers, dips and more! Creating special boards brings me great joy!
I'd love to share one with you!

Charcuterie board creations

I love spaces with plants! And it is proven that plants help us feel good, breathe better, reduce stress, and be happy and healthy.

keeps me breathing well


"Our coaching sessions have allowed me to progress leaps and bounds towards the person I've always wanted to become — all in the midst of an immensely tumultuous year — and I couldn't have done it without you!”

"I left each conversation with newly learned tools, techniques, and action items to help me overcome obstacles"

I found while going through coaching with [Heidi] over the course of what turned into a change-laden year, [she] provided a sense of regularity, tranquillity and accountability.

"Heidi gives me the space to share my deepest concerns or blockages in my life at the moment, without judgment or criticism."

Heidi listens with so much compassion; she also has this beautiful way of helping you see the positive in yourself and bring that to the surface. She’s genuine and brings lightness to every interaction.

"Heidi makes things tangible and focuses on goals that feel incremental and realistic..." 

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