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It is possible to take bold steps and make inspired decisions. I’ll journey with you!

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I understand how you feel — ready for change, overwhelmed, frustrated. That was me until I took some courageous steps. It was time to focus on my well-being, release limiting beliefs (and I had so many), and discover new insights. I was grateful for so much goodness around me and eager for meaningful shifts in my life. My whispers within were getting louder and calling for action. So, I did the work (even when it felt uncomfortable), gained a greater awareness of self through the Enneagram, and transformed messages that kept me wrestling with life. Each shift help me take bold steps and make inspired decisions. You can too! I am here to support you through transitions in your life. We keep it real, honor the challenges, and cultivate possibilities. Let this be the time for meaningful shifts in your life.

You simply can no longer ignore the whispers within for change in your life. YOU ARE READY FOR shifts AND are ready to begin the journey. 

You're not seeking a magic wand.

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Greater awareness of self and deeper appreciation of others

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"Our coaching sessions have allowed me to progress leaps and bounds towards the person I've always wanted to become — all in the midst of an immensely tumultuous year — and I couldn't have done it without you!”

"I left each conversation with newly learned tools, techniques, and action items to help me overcome obstacles"

I’m so honored to hold this space for you.

Transitions, changes, and shifts are part of our life. Navigating the obstacles, challenges, and questions that show up can be difficult. Whether you are working through jobs, relationships, faith spaces, mid-life, or other significant times of shift, greater awareness of self and what is most important for you is a great place to start.

​Together we sort through what is keeping you stuck and cultivate possibilities so you can take bold steps and make inspired decisions for you.

After 25 years of working in education, advocating for children and families, and coordinating several ministries, ​I’m passionate about helping you step into living wholeheartedly.

Certified Life & Enneagram Coach | Facilitator & Trainer

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Align your words, thoughts and actions with your goals, values and vision


A group coaching program that will help you align your words, thoughts, and actions with your goals, values, and vision.

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In my own life, I'm learning to ask, "Is this true? Is there another way to look at this?" Just yesterday, I heard something that initially felt upsetting

Recognizing perceived obstacles and stepping through them

Practicing what I share with others has been helpful:
Every day, I begin the day by asking, 
"What is the invitation?"

Have you been noticing these 3 things lately?

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