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Yes, I do! I love speaking at events, facilitating retreats, and hosting workshops! These are powerful times to explore, engage with powerful material, and interact through growth opportunities. Contact me for more information!

Do you speak at retreats or events?

If you are ready to take next steps but uncertain where to begin, let’s connect! Schedule a free CONNECT call with me. Together, we’ll explore what could be a transforming experience for you. 

What if I don’t know where to start?

Whether you are new to the enneagram or ready to deepen your understanding for your growth, talking with an Enneagram coach can be incredibly beneficial. Through coaching, explore your type, sort through questions, and gain greater self-awareness. This benefits relationships, strengthens groups, and illuminates your purpose and possibilities.

Why choose Enneagram coaching?

Life coaching helps uncover what’s getting in the way so you can step into your full potential. This work helps align your words, thoughts, and actions with your goals, values, and vision for life. As your life coach, I’m committed to listening carefully, asking important questions, and deepening your understanding of next steps.

Why choose life coaching?

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