Stop Holding Your Breath and Remember to Breathe

July 26, 2021

Stop holding your breath & remember to breathe

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Meet Heidi

“Oh honey, it’s almost February! What have you been doing?

Holding your breath? You’ve gotta breathe in and out each day.”

Her words, spoken sternly and sprinkled with sass,

surprised me yet rang true. Was I remembering to breathe?

I took my bag, respected her years of wisdom,

and left to ponder and reflect on my way home.

Do you ever feel like you’re holding your breath

as you navigate your days? 

It may be from overwhelm, concern, situations out of your control.

Perhaps it’s anticipation, or the string of unexpected moments.

Remember to breathe. It is afterall, the secret of life.

– Gregory Maguire

More than I realized, I had been holding my breath.

Today, this changes!

So for this moment:

Inhale (count to five)

Hold (count to five)

Exhale (count to seven… or longer)


Have you been holding your breath without fully realizing?

What changes for you today?

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