Feeling stuck? Need to make some meaningful shifts? Is this the time for invaluable awareness and growth for your group? Want to learn more about the enneagram? Life and Enneagram coaching holds space for strong connections, keen awareness, and compelling growth.

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Let's tap into customized resources for greater awareness and deeper appreciation, navigate growth opportunities, and explore next best steps.

From college campuses to organizations, leadership teams to working groups, each opportunity is customized for your specific needs.

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Let's begin where your group is at and propel forward by developing curiosity and promoting growth.

Engage with Enneagram around communication, feedback, conflict, leadership, and team-building

Set goals and increase engagement

Provide safe place to gain perspective

Align words, thoughts, and actions with goals, values, and vision

Overcome obstacles (us vs. them, isolation, trust)

Develop growth mindset

Celebrate accomplishments

Coaching & Training Benefits for Groups


"Our coaching sessions have allowed me to progress leaps and bounds towards the person I've always wanted to become — all in the midst of an immensely tumultuous year — and I couldn't have done it without you!”

"I left each conversation with newly learned tools, techniques, and action items to help me overcome obstacles"

I found while going through coaching with [Heidi] over the course of what turned into a change-laden year, [she] provided a sense of regularity, tranquillity and accountability.

"Heidi gives me the space to share my deepest concerns or blockages in my life at the moment, without judgment or criticism."

Heidi listens with so much compassion; she also has this beautiful way of helping you see the positive in yourself and bring that to the surface. She’s genuine and brings lightness to every interaction.

"Heidi makes things tangible and focuses on goals that feel incremental and realistic..." 

Investment for group partnerships start at $250/hr.

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Connection, resources, and support throughout the experience.

powerful communication

Tapping into the wisdom of the Enneagram provides greater awareness and growth.

Enneagram as a resource

Trainings, presentations, and coaching customized for your needs.

Customized for your group

What coaching is like...

I’m so honored to hold this space for you. 

Transitions, changes, and shifts are part of our life. Navigating the obstacles, challenges, and questions that show up can be difficult. Whether you are working through jobs, relationships, faith spaces, mid-life, or other significant times of shift, greater awareness of self and what is most important for you is a great place to start.

​Together we sort through what is keeping you stuck and cultivate possibilities so you can take bold steps and make inspired decisions for you.

After 25 years of working in education, advocating for children and families, and coordinating several ministries, ​I’m passionate about helping you step into living wholeheartedly.

With a certificate in Train-the-Trainer through Enneagram in Business, Iwelcome the opportunity to work with you.

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I'm Heidi — certified life & Enneagram coach, facilitator & trainer

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